Course Updates

Turf Talk

By: Andrew Buchholz, Superintendent

Wow!  What a roller coaster of a winter, let’s hope that this weather pattern is here to stay so everyone can once again start enjoying the golf course.  I would like to remind everyone that even though the majority of the course is snow free that we are still not open but will try to have everyone out on the course shortly.  Dormant (brown) turf is extremely prone to concentrated traffic and will not begin the recovery process until it turns green and has begun to grow.  Although it is frustrating to golfers and superintendents, the grass cannot be forced to grow and will do so only when temperatures rise.   I will be doing weekly updates that will be posted on the website and also on Facebook to keep everyone informed.  In order for the course to open we will need to have all the frost out of the soil and soil temps high enough for turf growth.  Once the course is open we would like to remind everyone that it is their responsibility to replace divots, fix ball marks, rake bunker and use the 90 degree rule to keep the course in the best possible condition for all members and guests.

This year at the Ortonville Golf Course you will see a few changes as the year goes on.  Something new that the course will be offering this year is Footgolf, a hybrid soccer/golf sport that is gaining popularity nationwide.  For more information on this sport you can visit  New flower planter boxes were constructed this winter from reclaimed pallet materials to replace the dilapidated planters currently on the course.  Seeding of the mounds on holes 3, 12 with a low input turf will be seeded this spring.  To help with pace of play 150 yardage poles will be installed in the center of the fairways this spring.  Lastly we have planned to install new forward tees on hole 5 and 7.  I would like to thank everyone for their patronage last season and look forward to another great year at the Ortonville Golf Course.  If you have any questions please feel free to stop by the maintenance shop my door is always open.