2015 Jr. Sr. Golf Tournament Results

Thank you to Bob & Mary Ross and Joyce Hamann for organizing the Jr/Sr Golf Tournament every year!

Thank you to Adam for donating the meal following the Tournament!

(Click on the pictures below for larger view)


Ages 6 to 9 (1st Place on left)
1st Place Auston Kunz & Pete Ross;
2nd Place Ellis Longnecker & Isaiah Longnecker;
3rd Place Connor Danielson & Jim Rasset
Jr Sr Tournament Age 6-9 Web

Ages 10 to 13 (lined up 1st place on right)
1st Place Colen Banken & Andy Strei
2nd Place McKayla Rasset & Greg Rasset
3rd Place Owen Longnecker & Dean Longnecker
4th Place Jaydon Huges & Mark Hughes
Jr Sr Tournament Age 10-13 web