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2019 OLGA Annual Summary

2019 OLGA Article:

The Ortonville Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) wrapped up their 2019 season with an end of the year banquet held at the clubhouse on August 28.  The banquet featured a fashion show by Let ‘Em Buck, owned by Joanie Hills, and included 5 runway models from the league.

The league included 11-week team play competition with 20 two-person teams and two individual tournaments.   Winners of the 18 Hole Team Play were:  First place:  Kris Radermacher and Betty Reinke, Second place: Denise Frette and Melanie Wiegman, Third place: Beth Mueller and Sharon Kirchberg.  Winners of the 9 Hole Team Play were:  First place:  Jan Eifealdt and Shirley Kindt, Second place: Deb Barnhardt and Lori Larson, Third place: Raquel Martinez and Karol Scherer, Fourth place:  Missy Gronholz and Nikole Kehnle.  Winners of the OLGA Championship were:  First place:  Jodi Lockwood, Second place:  Dawn Hughes, Third place: Melanie Wiegman.    The league also held a handicap tournament on August 21.  Winners of the 18 Hole Handicap First Flight First place:  Jodi Lockwood; Second Flight First place: Chris Peterson and Second place: Sue Pansch; Third Flight First place: Denise Frette.  Winners of the 9 Hole Handicap First Flight were:  First place: Raquel Martinez, Second place: Jan Eifealdt; Second Flight First place: Joyce Hamann, Second place: Donna Folkens.

OLGA hosted a Three Lady Scramble Tournament on August 13 for 63 women from nearby communities including Appleton, Dawson, Madison, Milbank, Watertown, and Sioux Falls. Winners of the Three Lady Scramble were Dawn Hughes, Jodi Lockwood, and Kris Radermacher.

OLGA also combined resources with the Ortonville summer rec program led by Isaiah Longnecker to provide instruction and practice for about 20 juniors on the course.  The training ended in a Jr/Sr Golf Tournament with 29 two-person teams participating on July 2nd.

Thanks to all of the committees, the officers, and all of the participants for a fun golf season!

Pictured from left to right (below):  OLGA champion Jodi Lockwood, 18 hole Team Play winner Betty Reinke.  Not pictured is 18 Hole Team Play winner Kris Radermacher.

Pictured from left to right:  9 Hole Team Play winners Shirley Kindt and Jan Eifealdt.

Pictured from left to right Three Lady Scramble winners Dawn Hughes, Jodi Lockwood, and Kris Radermacher.



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