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2020 OLGA Annual Summary

2020 OLGA Article:


The Ortonville Ladies Golf Association (OLGA) wrapped up their 2020 season on August 26 with 27 women participating in a fun scramble tournament.  With COVID-19, we weren’t sure if we were going to have a golf league.  However, special rules were added which gave members a great opportunity to socialize while staying safe.   The league included 13-week team play competition with 16 two-person teams and two tournaments.   Winners of the 18 Hole Team Play were:  First place:  Dawn Hughes and Jodi Lockwood, Second place: Beth Mueller and Sharon Kirchberg, Third place: Kris Radermacher and Betty Reinke.  Winners of the 9 Hole Team Play were:  First place:  Anita Longnecker and Becky Stattleman, Second Place: Marcia Golden and Deb Lindholm, Third place: Deb Barnhardt and Lori Larson.  Winners of the OLGA Club Championship were:  First place:  Jodi Lockwood, Second place:  Sharon Kirchberg, Third place: Melanie Wiegmann.    The league also held a handicap tournament on August 19.  Winners of the 18 Hole were First Flight First place:  Jodi Lockwood, Second place: Melanie Wiegmann; Second Flight First place: Betty Reinke, Second place: Sue Pansch, Third place: Denise Frette; Third Flight First place:  Mary Weber, Second place: Beth Mueller, Third place: Jean Stevens.  Winners of the 9 Hole Handicap First Flight were:  First place: Marcia Golden, Second place: Raquel Martinez, Third place:  Lori Larson; Second Flight First place: Deb Barnhardt, Second place: Sue Lockwood, Third place: Lois Banken.   

Thanks to all of the committees, the officers, and all of the participants for a fun golf season!  Even if you are only a casual golfer, please consider joining us for the 2021 season!



Pictured from left to right:  9 Hole Team Play winners Deb Barnhardt, Lori Larson, Anita Longnecker, Becky Stattleman, Deb Lindholm, Marcia Golden.
Pictured from left to right:  18 hole Team Play winners Jodi Lockwood, Dawn Hughes, Sharon Kirchberg, Beth Mueller, Betty Reinke, Kris Radermacher. 
Pictured from left to right:  OLGA champions Jodi Lockwood, Sharon Kirchberg, Melanie Wiegmann

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