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Results: 2022 Couples Golf Tournament

It was a beautiful weekend for the Couples Tournament!

This year’s Theme was MASH – As you can see in the video below, many had a great time playing the part! (I understand I missed out on a great “Klinger” photo of Dr. Bob on Saturday evening!)

Congratulations to the First Place team of Rick & Marce Selvey!

GHIN Division, Flight 1: 1st Rick & Marce Selvey, 2nd John & Abby Wermers, 3rd Mark & Dawn Hughes
GHIN Division, Flight 2: 1st Bryn & Kelsey Stock, 2nd Dave & Lori Larson, 3rd Bill & Sue Pansch
GHIN Division, Flight 3: 1st Randy & Brenda Christensen, 2nd Bob & Mary Ross, 3rd Mark Gere & Justine Wiik
Callaway Division, Flight 1: 1st Greg & Mikayala Rasset, 2nd Skip Letrud & Rachel Longnecker, 3rd Jake & Dominique Richels
Callaway Division, Flight 2: 1st Isaiah & Stacy Longnecker, 2nd Derek Rieck & Missy Peters, 3rd Nathan & Beth Mueller
Callaway Division, Flight 3: 1st Rob & Danielle Twedt, 2nd Jim & Marjall Wendland, 3rd Derek & Theresa Mikkelson
A few highlights from Friday night & golf on Saturday
Sunday morning Flag Raising Ceremony

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