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Results: 2022 Couples Golf Tournament

It was a beautiful weekend for the Couples Tournament! This year’s Theme was MASH – As you can see in the video below, many had a great time playing the part! (I understand I missed out on a great “Klinger” photo of Dr. Bob on Saturday evening!) Congratulations to the First Place team of Rick & Marce Selvey!

Results: 2022 Jr/Sr Golf Tournament

A beautiful day for some golf! Thank you to Mary Ross for organizing this event (every year!) – and to her husband Dr. Bob and also Betty Reinke for assisting today! (wish I would have remembered to take their photo!!!) Also, thank you to this guy – Adam of Off The Green Restaurant & Bar for donating tonight’s supper! Placing in the girl’s division were L to R. Katie Ross/Bob Ross, Kenley Shelton/Brenda Christensen, Willa Bohlman/Jacob Bohlman, Amelia Zinski/Josh Zinski, Cali Longnecker/Dean Longnecker, Avery Ross/Zach Schwartz, Sienna Rasset/Greg Rasset, Kaden Gronholz/Heather Rasset Placing in the boy’s division L to R. Hudson Hoppe/Corey Poppe, Ben Ross/Pete Ross, Charlie Radermacher, Dawson Evje/Kris Evje, A.J. Ross/Zach Schwartz, Thatcher Bollman/Dave Bollman, Brody McLaine/Joe McLaine, Austin Kunz/Craig Kern, Layne Henrich/Owen Longnecker, Connor Danielson/Michaela Rasset